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Her name was poetry
She gave meaning to my days and shortened my nights
When ever I had that feeling to stop she’d show me a reason to fight
She held the torch in the darkness
Honed my senses to the sharpest
She took me and taught me and when i fell she caught me
and when I was on the brink of giving up
She told me to shut the fuck up                                                                                         She gave me the tough love
Her name was poetry
When I watched my world crumble
like watching a movie on a big screen
She added surround sound and made it surreal
She changed it
Her name was poetry
She changed my worst days in the best of days
and made it so simple
She took the stones and the bricks of my hurt and pain
and built a wall to block out al the people
I can go on about how her beauty was endless and her voice was angelic
but its what she left inside of me
Even though you cannot see her, feel her, hear her she’s around us
She’s in you, she’s in me, she’s in the wind that blows you hair
She is poetry
She is the waves of goose bumps that flow over your skin
and in the sands of your mind they intertwine to make a master piece
She is poetry and she is strength
She taught me not to brake but bend
and in the end she is poetry
She is the one that flows through me he one that holds my hand as i put pen to paper
She is me
An interpretation, a way I can tell you about my feelings
with words that have no meaning
Its not English class there no need for comprehension
her name was poetry                                                                                                             A secrete I keep to only me….only me….only me
She is the hands that caresses me and makes me feel sexy….with her words
She’s been there since if was 15 I can remember the satisfaction when I finished my first letter
The way she made me feel, she had me hooked from the very first time
The way her words left my lips, like from a tap they dripped on to the paper
and made a beautiful picture
My words, her words, our words
Her name was poetry
She gets under my skin, she knows how to win
Her name was poetry