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I can honestly say its happened, its the first
I’ve finally shook hands with hurt
‘hi, im natassia and who are you’ ‘I am a hurt called pain, how do you do?’ Laughing and crying im messed up inside
Is this the feeling I’ve brought upon other guys
I said I wont do this any more
I wont let myself fall
But for you and only you, ill give my life, ill give it all
But as you walk into the nights blanket
The words that you softly said I cant forget
‘your perfect, jus not perfect for me’
Words I used so many time…memories
I don’t think I’ve ever loved a person how much I’ve loved you.
You, me, this whole relationship its all new
Still the tears roll down my cheeks
Head pounding, nose sore, body weak
My mind is spinning, I cant speak
Well this is it, my dance with pain
He takes a bow and calls my name
As we take our steps, our turns and spins
Ill never forget that sinful grin
The rush is too fast, I cant hold on
I loose control, this is all wrong
By the end of the song and my dance with hurt
I can say I’ve lived my life in vain
As he turned to me, smiled and said
‘I am a hurt called pain’


(Written in 2009…thought I’d share)