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I feel like my hair has gone dull and my eyes have lost their shine
I feel as if my skin is flaking like the mountain face I climb
I feel that my novelty has worn off and I’m now jus an object
An object that has no value… I’m left alone to reflect!
I get that feeling that you don’t get butterflies anymore
That you never take that deep breath before you put the key in my door
It’s too easy for you to turn your back when you sleep and face me only when you want to sleep on me
I’m not an object of your affection
I’m jus something loosing your attention!
I can’t cry… No I won’t cry
For my tears to go unheard, unnoticed…undried
I breath shallow thinkin about our days, living over the hours and combing through the minutes
And I can’t find the moments to help me get through this.
My heartbeat beats soo loudly, pushing blood to my edges
As my tears fill my eyes they roll down my cheek undisrupted
I feel like I’m a burden and I forgot why your here
I feel like your gonna leave….and I’m scared!
I feel like I can’t be your wife because I’m always doing something wrong
Now I can’t close the door on where the hurt comes from
I feel like I don’t deserve anything nice, I can’t even get anything nice from my wife…!
I don’t feel like I’m special anymore, now I’m jus expected
Unless I spend my money wisely you won’t even feed me!
But I’ll smile and make other arrangements coz I ain’t needy!
‘The little things matter’, I don’t even get that
No token of appreciation to show you want me to show me you have my back!
Actions speak louder than words….what actions?!
Your words are screaming and your doin nothin!
I feel like you’ve changed and your not my love.
It’s like it’s a notion that your just playing out
Soon we will have that convo that I have now memorised
Where words mix with the tears that fall from my eyes
Where my hearts tricked into believing that it’s me who’s hurting you
Just like everything else I do, I’m tricked into playing the fool!
I feel half dead, like we’re dying!
And I don’t want us too so I’ll keep trying
I feel soo unloved but soo guilty
Only because I’m keeping you with me
I don’t know if it’s me, but you’ve been acting differently
I don’t feel appreciated and I think I know why…
I gave you everything you wanted and I gave it freely
But my ways angered you deeply
My ways haven’t changed and it bugs you
And for something so simple, it’s seems I’ve lost you
Am I unappreciated because I’m not worth appreciating?
Because I give in to your wails and complaints?!
Am I not worthy?
I may not be able to point out exactly when you made me feel like shit
But when I cry and I won’t tell you the reason, jus know this is it
I don’t feel appreciated!
Uno even tho certain things changed….I still get butterflies…because ur my wife!
I still get the lump in my throat when we kiss….
U still make me shy….
I feel I don’t make u feel the same way!